Imtra Customer - Larry Hall Testimonial


Watch as Larry Hall, owner of Gunsmoke, discusses his experiences with the professionals from IMTRA.

The U SeaProtect range by Isover offers top-notch marine insulation for acoustic, thermal and fire protection for cruise ships, offshore, and OEM marine constructions. When compared to traditional stone wool insulation, the U SeaProtect range is lighter-weight and thinner without compromising functionality, offering industry-leading thermal and acoustic performance.  

With hundreds of projects all around the globe, ranging from passenger vessels and luxury yachts to military vessels and offshore oil rigs, the U SeaProtect range is proven to help fulfill the challenging requirements according to IMO rules and regulations, providing unique solutions and contributing to the new scope in sustainable design. 

Larry has gone on 9 epic tuna fishing trips and continues to do so with the help of IMTRA's products and customer service. For more information on the products mentioned in this video, contact us today!