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Imtra's product offerings extend far beyond the ocean. In fact, our products are extremely well-suited to the needs of anyone looking to get off the grid and go exploring. With an emphasis on high-quality products built to last a lifetime, Imtra's vehicle and van equipment is designed to withstand harsh environments and won't fail when you need it most.

Whether you're looking to light up a work space or a living area of your vehicle, Imtra's expansive range of van conversion equipment has you covered, from a wide selection of interior LED lights to table pedestals and more. Imtra's dedicated team will help you through the whole process of selecting the right product specific to your needs, installing it, and supporting it throughout its lifespan. We pride ourselves in delivering great products and support, making Imtra an obvious choice for your next van or vehicle-related project.

A selection of Imtra’s camper van conversion equipment, as seen on a vehicle







Imtra has partnered with some of the leading LED lighting manufacturers to create the most expansive offering for interior lighting on the market.  We have everything you need to illuminate your Van with stylish trouble-free fixtures.

Downlights  |  Task Lights  |  Rope & Tape Light  |  Courtesy Lights  |  Utility Lights          





Victron Energy is an industry leader in power management.  Their smart integrated solution allows for   easy   monitoring and solutions for all the electrical needs of your van including chargers and converters,   solar and   battery management and Lithium batteries.

 DC-DC Charger  |  Battery Monitors  |  Color Control  |  Solar




Vimar offers the most complete range of modular switching and outlet systems.  The broad product offering allows customer the ability to customize each installation not only by function but also aesthetically.

Vimar Switching






Making the limited space of your Van functional and flexible is no easy achievement. We have a wide range of removable pedestals that convert a dining area to a bunk and table supports that can be removed and stored for convenience. 

Norsap Pedestals  |  Roca Rakego Supports      






Fynspray offers a range of simple, but reliable hand pumps with a broad range of designs and sizes.  The pumps can be coupled with Nauta Flexible tanks, where it may be difficult to install rigid tanks for water storage or black and grey water discharge.

Fynspray Pump  |  Nauta Flexible Tanks     






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